The company

A bit of history

The origin of this factory known as “La Cartonera de Gallur” dates back to the 60s. With a major expansion and national presence during the 70s and 80s, in 1992, the Ramón family became its owners, they then created the current company CELULOSA GALLUR, S.L. and they run the factory since 1998.

With over 35 years of experience and relationships in the Spanish paper and cardboard sectors and with a great marketing experience, we started manufacturing recycled cardboard to cover the market gaps that were not being served.

From our earliest days, we have been making progressive improvements and investments to be able to manufacture 15 million kilograms per year and to adapt our facilities to the required regulations in Quality, Risk Prevention, Environment…

CELULOSA GALLUR, S. L. is a flexible, dynamic, and customer-oriented company. These distinctive features have made it possible for us to meet special needs. And always, through close collaboration with our customers.


At CELULOSA GALLUR we know how important a good relationship is between the company and the surrounding population, in order to improve production, maintaining the balance between social, environmental and economic responsibility..

Since our very first days of operations, we have made strong investments to keep any effects on the environment under control: emissions, impact on the ecosystem, exposure of workers to risk factors.

As a result, the GOVERNMENT OF ARAGÓN obtained the INTEGRATED ENVIRONMENTAL AUTHORIZATION (AR/AAI-47/2009) and developed its activity in accordance with the directives on the containment of CO2 emissions, according to the United Nations protocol on Climate Change.

Health, quality, safety and environmental protection are fundamental for us, and that is why we are committed to minimizing health risks and increasing safety, reducing the environmental impact of our operations. The training of our employees is the key that allows us to achieve these goals.

We have implemented a new Environmental Management System, check out our Environmental Policy by clicking here.aquí.

Productive measures

Production rejects are reincorporated to the process or they are used for their Energetic Value. This way we manage to:

  1. Controlled and effective treatment of waste.
  2. Use of a resource with Energy Value.
  3. Generation of electricity without consumption of fossil sources.
  4. Reduction of CO2 emissions.
Our commitment

Any paper or cardboard product can be cleaned of impurities, reprocessed and reused to make new cardboard.


The high quality of materials helps us to be efficient, reducing energy costs and waste production.


Thanks to the optimization of each element of the life cycle and quality raw materials.


We take into account the needs and ideas of our customers, from the start and throughout the manufacturing process.


All the agents involved (raw material, production, final transport) respond to the client’s wishes.


Our offer is based on recycling, so that our cartons are created in a responsible, efficient and sustainable way.

Processes and logistics
  1. Each shipment of recovered paper and cardboard we receive, is then analyzed according to the quality standards of UNE-EN 643..These cardboard and paper are treated to get rid of impurities
  2. After this, the cardboard and the old paper transformes into new cardboard through a closed circuit. It is a continuous manufacturing process, in which we manufacture cardboard in reels.
  1. The coils are stored according to their characteristics for handling and cutting. As control and monitoring, each coil has a label indicating its quality, weight, etc.
  2. When the product is finished, it is taken to the warehouse for later shipment to the customer. For us, logistics is critical, which is why we are committed to serving the right product to each customer at the right time and in the conditions desired.


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