At CELULOSA GALLUR we combine craftsmanship and innovation, which allows us to handle both small and large productions.

The applications of our cartons are very diverse: layer pads or cardboard separators, cardboard for tubes, cardboard for corners, white cardboard for boxes of 4 or 6 points, pastry trays, laminates… and therefore we vary its surface according to its application.

We always have products in stock for a quick response and delivery service, although we also manufacture our cartons according to demand: product reference, measurements…

Our sheet formats range between 350x450mm and 1300x1600mm.

Our coil formats range from 40mm to 1,300mm.

Layer Pads

Being a 100% recycled multilayer card, it is a rigid and flat cardboard with a uniform weight.

Solid fiber separators or layer pads replace the traditional cardboard separators, used in the production plants that produce cans, glass and plastic bottles. They are reusable, so a reduction in costs is obtained, making them more efficient.

In addition to providing additional protection, they stabilize the products and distribute weight evenly to ensure that the containers are not damaged during transport.

They are designed to the exact size of each customer requires, with option to cut at the corners and punch, so that the separator will not break the protective plastic film.

Available in weights from 250gr/m2 to 900gr/m2.

It is appropriate for the food industry, as it prevents migration between the separator, the containers and food, as evidenced by the periodic checks and analysis performed on our cardboard:

  • Chloride determination as UNE-EN ISO 9197:2008.
  • Determination of sulfates according to UNE 57154:2004 (identical to ISO 9198:2001).
  • Determination of the corrosive potential according to UNE 57101:2006.
  • PH determination of aqueous extracts (cold extraction) according to ISO 6588-1:2012.
  • Compliance with 21CFR176.170 for low-grade alcoholic beverages under filling and storage conditions at room temperature without heating the container.
  • Determination of mercury, cadmium, lead and chromium according to UNE-EN 12497:2006 and UNE-EN 12498:2006.
  • Migration of mineral oils.
  • HACCP.
Cardboard coils for tubes

We produce 100% recycled multilayer cardboard, for the manufacture of tubes, cones for the textile industry, cylindrical containers and corner fittings.

This cardboard is designed for industrial production processes, it has the required characteristics for it to be used in coil winding machines.

The physical characteristics of Scott Bond Stiffness and Strength are necessary for the good compression of the product to be manufactured.

Available in weights from 250gr/m2 to 800gr/m2.

cartones de colores 2
Colored cardboard

We produce 100% recycled multilayer cardboard in different colors. These cartons are mainly intended for the manufacturing of folders, cardboard accordions, hanging folders, lined folders, and other handy products from the stationery and office supplies industry.

Among the different colors that we can manufacture, we highlight the ones with the highest consumption:

  • Blue cardboard (Folders)
  • Leather type cardboard (Folders)
  • Classic kraft cardboard

All of them available in weights from 250gr/m2 to 700gr/m2.

Cardboard packaging

We develop a 100% recycled multilayer cardboard ideal for the Packaging industry. Available in smooth and bulky finish, it is used in various applications such as: the manufacture of boxes, cells and interiors, door and pallet cores… In addition, it is ideal for manufacturing complexes countersunk with paper, polyethylene and polypropylenes thanks to the smoothness and satin finish of their faces.

In addition, we can treat the cardboard to make it suitable for wet products by reducing the penetration of liquids through the edges of the cardboard; meeting the strict requirements of the food industry. Available in weights from 250gr/m2 to 800gr/m2.

carton blanco
White cardboard

We produce single-sided white cardboard in weights ranging from 250 gr/m2 to 750gr/m2, and two-sided white cardboard in weights ranging from 400gr/m2 to 750gr/m2, both multilayer 100% recycled.

It is characterized by its smoothness. It is ideally suitable for die cutting and creasing. Its main uses are the manufacture of food packaging, industrial (skin-pack,), back case of boxes, and complexes embossed with polyethylenes, papers, etc. In addition, it can be treated to make it suitable for wet products by reducing the penetration of liquids through the edges, to meet the strict requirements of the food industry.



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